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"He’s the guy you want in your corner when you start your career!"
- Phillip Nelson, Student

Actresses Reading Script

“One can only believe in the truth."

- Constantin Stanislavski

Kevin trained in the traditional Stanislavski System and the Meisner Technique of acting at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) in the UK. He is a professional working actor, director, voice-over artist, and acting coach, with over seventeen years of experience in the industry. 


Kevin specializes in tailoring the techniques from Meisner and Stanislavski to enhance your own unique strengths, passions, and talent. He thrives on working with you to find a technique that allows you to live each character truthfully, every time.

"I’d recommend him to anyone, from beginner to well-seasoned pro"
- Matt McCloud, Student.

Book a FREE consultation class now!

1 on 1 Private Coaching


  • Acting Fundamentals 101

  • Character, Scene and Script Analysis

  • Self Tapes and Auditions

  • Advanced Acting: Inner Monologue and Memory Creation

  • Advanced Acting: Meisner Technique

  • Advanced Acting: Camera Technique

  • Advanced Acting: Accessing and Performing Shakespeare

  • Advanced Acting: Comedy and Improvisation

  • Removing Barriers, Inhibitions and Stage Fright

  • College or Drama School Preparation

  • Any performer wanting a clear path to creating a role

"Kevin is a go-to mentor for me--I highly recommend him for any and all of your acting needs!"
- Megan Trout, Student.


  • Vocal Health and Stamina

  • Voice-Over

  • Audiobook Narration

  • Character Voice and Vocal Manipulation

  • Shakespeare - Verse and Prose

  • Rhetoric - Developing Natural, Meaningful and Charismatic Performance

  • Refining Vocal Techniques - Articulation, Projection and Tone

  • Mic Technique

  • Accents, Dialects, and Phonetics (Native accent - British, expert in all accents from the British Isles, phonetically trained to teach any accent)

"Kevin was an absolutely fantastic voice tutor.  Plus he is just the loveliest human and so easy to be comfortable in his presence making silly voice noises!"
- Amy Fleming, Student.

Performance and Industry Coaching:

  • Headshot Photography and Selection

  • Demo Reel Development and Feedback

  • Self Tapes - How to Set Up to Shine

  • Website Development

  • Home Recording for Voice Over/Narration - Cupboards, Booths and Builds

  • Editing Acting or Voice Reels

  • Video Editing - DaVinci Resolve 

  • Audio Editing - Reaper FX Chains and ACX Requirements

"One of my favorite things about his coaching style is how he validates and supports me, especially when I’m feeling insecure about my abilities or learning a new concept. He really helped me to come out of my shell and find confidence in myself."
- Laura Rice, Student.

Coaching for Business Professionals:

  • Public Speaking

  • Stage Fright Management

  • Speech Writing and Delivery

  • Feeling Comfortable in Your Voice

  • Accent Reduction

  • Communicating with Confidence

  • Presentations on Zoom or in Person

  • OBS - How to Elevate Digital Presentations

"Kevin has been recognized as a Top Creativity Coach by Coach foundation, one of the biggest names in the coaching industry."

- Sai Blackbyrn, CEO - CoachFoundation



$100 per hour
1-on-1 private class

$150 per hour
total for 2 students together - perfect for scene study or reducing cost!

Whether you need help with your acting technique, audiobook narration, voice-over work, coaching for just one audition, accents or camera technique in person or on zoom - You can always reach out to book a session and start becoming the performer you have always wanted to be!

(In-person sessions in Los Angeles or on location can be arranged)

Book a FREE consultation class session now!

In this free one-hour session Kevin will chat with you about your current technique, discover which areas you would most like to work on, and outline a plan of how his coaching can best support you.

With any remaining time, Kevin will dive straight into coaching you on a subject of your choosing, so you can sample his teaching style (usually 30 mins.) This way you can ensure you are happy with the coaching before you pay for anything!

If you are just starting out, he can chat with you about your hopes for starting in the industry and where you would like to be. He can then give you a clear path to learning a solid technique to support you through all future roles, and how to best begin your career!

(only one free consultation session per student)

Get $25 or a FREE 1-on-1 Private Class!

If you refer a friend or colleague to Kevin, and they mention your name when booking a paid session you will get $25 or one FREE class! Whatever you prefer!

You can choose any subject to work on - Acting, Voice, Performace or just slot the free session into your regular classes with Kevin. 

(only once per referral, but unlimited referrals allowed!)

To book email Kevin at:

Full Testimonials

Laura Rice, Student

"Kevin is an excellent coach who truly cares about each of his students. He’s an incredibly talented and experienced actor, and he brings that expertise to each of our lessons. He taught me everything from the basics of vocal health, to character work, to the Meisner Technique. One of my favorite things about his coaching style is how he validates and supports me, especially when I’m feeling insecure about my abilities or learning a new concept. He really helped me to come out of my shell and find confidence in myself. His positive energy and kind demeanor make every lesson fun and enjoyable! I would absolutely recommend Kevin to anyone of any skill level!"

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