What is happening?

The Audiobook Guy is a new YouTube Channel and Blog, Kevin will be sharing all the things he has learnt over his 17 year career with tips on Voice Over, Audiobook Creation, Software and Hardware choices for Voice Over, Building DIY Recording Spaces, and much more!


There will also be Live Reads, Interviews with Authors, news on new projects Kevin is working on and exciting info about the industry as a whole! 

Is Anything Live Now?

We are still making content ready for launch, but for now, you can get early access to our reference documents, right now these are just the reference sheets Kevin uses for his own work... so they might not be the tidiest...but...

They include quick links to tutorials on using software, tips on Voice Work, ideas for recording spaces and set up and more is being added all the time. 

We would love to hear from you too! Let us know what tutorials you need, what reviews you would like, any content that would help you be your best as a Voice Over Talent!


You can write these requests in the 'Community Sheet' found within the Reference Documents.

To access the Reference Documents check out: 

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